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The insurance industry has come a long way from Excluding Pollution matters on all policies to broad coverage options for many industries with environmental risk.  Some of these include:

  • Site pollution for specific locations
  • Pollution coverage for business / municipalities / industry that could receive claims that they are responsible for pollution, whether it's from on-site oil / gas tanks, the processessing of waste products from manufacturing, how chemicals are stored, etc.
  • Transportation Pollution is available and often packaged so waste haulers, truckers, oil / gas / chemical companies can be covered if there's a pollution incident that happens while on the road
  • Packages can include: GL / Professional Liability- E&O / Pollution / Transportation Pollution

Industries that never existed can now find custom, package programs to provide the broad coverage needed to address their specific business risks - including:

  • Fire / Water Restoration companies 
  • Mold / Radon and other remediation company & inspectors
  • Environmental Engineers / Labs taking water/soil samples and processing them for others
  • Medical waste & Chemical waste companies
  • Regulatory Consultants assisting with FDA labeling and other compliance topics for drinks including water, food products, pharmaceutical products, etc
  • Municipalities & Utility Companies