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Cyber Liability

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Cyber Liability coverage is becoming more prevalent as high profile cyber attacks are featured on the news and as more and more companies experience breaches in security and resulting claims.  Also, the regulatory environment and privacy laws make this a very closely watched business risk.

While most of the coverage offered below seems beyond the needs of a basic business /organization, it's important to think of the private information required to operate a business that's held on clouds or servers.  For Example -

  • law firms / medical-health care industries
  • banks / real estate / insurance / investment advisors
  • temporary staffing firms / any firm with Personnel files
  • any tech company hosting or creating data for others
  • any company that provides eCommerce taking credit card payments or gathering sensitive information over the web

Coverage options can include:

  • Unauthorized access / Fraudulent Transactions
  • Breach of regulatory protections including HIPPA
  • Breach notification
  • Media liability / IP infringement / Libel - Slander
  • Damage caused by viruses, worms, denial of service attacks
  • Extortion committed by cyber criminals holding private data and demanding money too not release it

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