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Underwriting Info:

  • driver list with information from valid license (name, date of birth, state, license #)
  • vehicle information often obtained from the registration (year, make, model, VIN#, weight, value, zip code when not in use)
  • business information - nature of operations, radius of service, how are drivers paid, who insures the cargo, special filings required
  • claim history and motor vehicle history for each driver

Property and Auto coverage can seem pretty simple until tougher situations arrise or are unexpected:

Coverage for water / flood, special equipment (medical instruments, manufacturing robotics, etc), or difficult Commercial Properties that may be old or outdated may cause difficulties in obtaining or maintaining cost-effective coverage.

Apartment Building, Commercial buildings with Apartments above and Businesses below are common and often difficult to get covered, especially if the building is old or outdated.   

Auto coverage is often straight forward, until you consider employees using their personal cars to make sales calls, deliveries or run errands for the business.  What happens if they're hit by an uninsured driver while using their personal car for work? 

We can assist with providing options for competitive, cost-effective coverage for:

  • Commercial vehicles of all kinds
  • Hired / Non-Owned auto liability
  • Delivery services (including food)
  • Taxis, School Buses, Limos and non-medical transit
  • Equipment coverage of all kinds
  • Apartment / Habitational properties
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Assisting Living / Nursing Homes
  • Religious Organizations

Property and Auto 

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